Olivier ROUPIN's PhD

Detecting changes in different views of a single scene.

Olivier ROUPIN’s PhD is entitled “Geometric change detection in 3D models, model update and application to mixed reality experiences”, and started in May 2020. It is co-directed by Guillaume MOREAU and by myself. It is also supervised by Maja KRIKOVUCA. Olivier’ PhD is a CIFRE grant between InterDigital, École Centrale de Nantes and IMT Atlantique.


The goal of Olivier’s PhD is to propose new methods for detecting geometric or structural changes in real 3D scenes: insertion, deletion or displacement of objects. The work is placed in the context of Mixed Reality, where accuracy and speed of detection are necessary for the perfect integration of virtual objects in the environment, and where the capture and computation hardware is often limited.

In order to accomplish this task, there are many geometric and photometric approaches acting on 2D and 3D representations of scenes. Recent advances in computer vision and learning have also opened the door to approaches based on a semantic abstraction of these representations.

In this PhD, Olivier will first propose a fully geometric and photometric approach which was specifically oriented on the comparison of heterogeneous data representing the scene: a reference 3D model and an updated image sequence.

Jean-Marie Normand
Jean-Marie Normand
Associate Professor in Virtual/Augmented Reality

My research interests include perception and interaction in Virtual And Augmented Reality.